1. Install Niah Text Filter for Visual Studio from the Visual Studio Marketplace.
  2. Launch Visual Studio.
  3. Open a solution. The Niah tool window should open automatically. To learn more about Visual Studio’s window layouts, please refer to the Support page.
  4. Ensure the output window is visible. Since Niah relies on the VS output window, it must be visible for Niah to work (menu: View | Output). This is true for all operations that Niah supports – debugging, building, and finding-in-files.
  5. Download the sample code to embed in your project to get the most out of Niah. The additional code is required for Unity support, higher precision timestamps, navigating to the source code line that wrote each output line, and splitting debug instances into separate tree nodes.
  6. Learn more:
    1. This video provides a quick tour of the major features.
    2. The Support page provides more information.
  7. Stay informed. Connect with me on social media.

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